Backflow Gauge Certification & Calibration Services

Certification Fee $75.00

Backflow Gauge Repairs will be Quoted before any Repairs are done

Same Day Test Gauge Certification

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Caring for your Differential (testing) Gauge.
1. Differential Gauge is NOT a tool, it is an Instrument and should be treated as such.
2. Always purge the test cocks on the backflow you're about to test.
3. Always use test cock adapters or hoses that have 90 MICRON filters.
4. As you progress through the backflow test do not let the hose ends hang down in the dirt.
5. Always store your gauges with all valves in the open position.
6. DO NOT store your gauges on the floor of your truck.Try to store them hanging from your highest truck shelf with all valves open so the INSTRUMENT can drain out by gravity.
7. Think about the cost of this INSTRUMENT and keep your truck locked.
8. Differential (testing) Gauges need to be Certified annually.
We Sell Refurbished Test Gauges.

   We Sell 90 Micron Filtered Test Adapters.
  90 Micron Fitered Test Adapters  1/4", 1/2", 3/4"  $120.00 for a set.
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