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                                                       Product Specifications
  1. Gauge: 5 valve type
  2. Gauge Dial Size:  4.5" diameter differantial gauge
  3. Gauge reads:  0 - 15 psid
  4.Differential Pressure Accuracy: 0.2 P.S.I.D. (Descending)
  5.Working Pressure: 175 P.S.I.G.
  5. Body Material: UNIWELD manifold is made of aluminum
  6. Valves: Solid brass soft seated control valves & bleed valves
  7. Line Pressure Gauge: 0 - 160 psid pressure gauge
  8. Hoses: (3) 3'  (color coded) Goodyear hoses
  9. Carry case: light weight aluminum
10. Water resistant RP, Double Check, Pvb test procedures
11. The MTK - 12 comes completely certified and ready to work
12. Murray Manufactoring &  Sales Inc recommends that you store the MTK-12 with all valves open and
       hoses hanging so any water that is left in the system will drain out with gravity.

All of our gauges meet ASSE, AWWA, and NIST standereds. The MTK-12 is used in all 50 states


Murray MTK-12 Differential Test Gauge
The MTK - 12 is a lightweight but durable backflow gauge. The MTK- 12 was designed by a backflow technician with more than 25 years of field experience.  His design was to use quality parts, having it light weight and compact. The MTK - 12 comes with a manifold designed by UNIWELD. The MTK - 12 was designed to take the day to day abuse from the weather and field abuse.The BEST news is that the MTK -12 is made in the Good Ole USA.
The MTK-12 is a product of Murray Manufacturing & Sales Inc.
Murray Manufacturing & Sales Inc. has a large line of products that are engineered  by technicians with more than 25 years plus field experience. 
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MTK -12